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"A man who works with his hands is a labourer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman;
but a man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist."-Louis Nizer

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Butterfly fretwork

Thank you for visiting Mike's Wood-n-Things. Here you will find a variety of Scroll sawn items such as this custom created fretwork butterfly. It was created from a pattern given to me by a friend on a scroll saw forum I belong too. Thanks Kim! It has approximately 24 inside cuts, making this lovely Butterfly appear very delicate and yet it is quite durable. This particular butterfly is made from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood and hand dipped in Danish Oil for a lasting durable finish. Although I do create quite a few of my own designs, like the red neck night light, my custom jewelry displays, name signs, personalized desk plaques & some word art, silhouettes & some ornaments. Quite a few of the items I cut are designs and patterns I get from close friends who are designers, some are purchased patterns, and others are available in scrolling magazines, books and on-line in several scrolling forums I am a member of. Without the generosity & talent of these designers the scrolling community would not be as advanced as it has become.

So a hearty thank you to all the wonderful designers out there.

Elk arrowhead

I've just added a brand new Item to my line of fretwork pieces. These are different animals and scenes within an Arrowhead. This Elk is made from 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood and hand dipped in Danish oil for a lasting durable finish. There are also a Bison, a howling wolf, a soaring eagle and more to come. They measure approximately 6"s x 10"s. I will be adding some others that will be 3/4 size soon.


Here you will also find high quality, handcrafted, durable wood puzzles that will thrill your children and grandchildren for years to come. My wood puzzles are designed and created with kids in mind. This style of wood puzzles remind me of a time when toys were handmade, not produced hundreds at a time in a factory over seas. All puzzles are cut, sanded, painted or stained, and packaged right here in the USA by Me. There are no computer aided machines or lasers used in the making of any of my creations on this site.

wood ornament

Seasonal Ornaments for the tree or to display year round as a center piece. Another idea for off season display of your favorite ornament(s) is to adorn the patio sliding door. What a lovely way to keep junior's nose from being bent over as he rushes out to play in the sprinkler. I have over 200 Ornament patterns and will be adding many new ones to the ornament page later. Most of the ornaments are made out of Baltic Birch Plywood or other hardwood plywoods so that they will survive the rigors of handling for many years and perhaps generations to come.

clint portrait

Here you will also find high quality, handcrafted celebrity plaques/portraits. These are cut from high grade Baltic Birch plywood. Most take several hours to cut and finish. All are cut slightly under 8" x 10" so they will fit a standard sized frame. I also offer custom wood frames for an additional $10.00 and up depending on wood used. I'll be adding more celebrity likenesses in the near future. There are no computer aided machines or lasers used in the making of any of my creations on this site.

Scroll saw

What are Scroll sawn projects? For that matter what is a scroll saw? If you click on my Gallery you will see a sampling of several types of items created with gift giving in mind. Among other items you will find a variety of puzzles, humorous plaques, motivational signs, holiday ornaments, personalized wooden key chains, crosses and did I mention, a variety of puzzles! To the right is a picture of the type of Scroll saw I use, the Excalibur 21" with a Dewalt model 788 as my back up saw. The scroll saw uses a fine blade, typically 5" long & 0.023 inches thick for example little thicker than the hair from a horses tail.

Using a fine scroll saw blade allows a scroller to make very fine detailed work with sharp tight turns and intricate cut outs known as fretwork. If you look in my gallery you will find examples of fretwork along with a variety of other styles of scrolling. Including a few puzzles. I craft all my creations by hand, one at a time, piece by piece, from high quality wood. No lasers or computer aided cutting here.

Scroll saw

You will also find a variety of custom wood keychains. These keychains can be customized to say almost anything. Cut from a variety of woods typically Baltic Birch plywood for it's durability. The longer the name the longer the keychain, of course. Keychains are available in what I refer to as standard shape as seen in the picture to the left on the top and a dog bone shape as seen in the bottom of the picture or in an Oval shape not pictured here. Keychains come complete with a split ring or chain depending on thickness of keychain & which I have on hand.

I only use the finest of woods as appropriate for each item I create including Pine, Birch, Apple wood, Western Red Cedar, Myrtle wood, Oak, Baltic Birch, Chestnut, Hickory, Purple Heart, Basswood & a variety of imported plywoods to name a few.

Custom Requests are encouraged !

Feel free to contact me with any questions or custom requests you may have. I will respond swiftly to your inquiries or purchase requests, and we will work together to create your unique item.

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